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113 Fonthill Road
Finsbury Park
United Kingdom
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We are InFact Digital Co-op, a small digital and creative agency with a razor-sharp focus: to work with charities, non-profits and businesses to provide digital answers to their problems. Comprised of a diverse group of designers, developers, and web professionals, we specialise in designing and building web-apps, but we can and do turn our hands to other work we think is interesting and important.

We came to the internet believing in its power to act as a free, open site for discussion and exchange across borders, and its potential for social good beyond profit. We are at our best to leverage this power as a workers’ co-operative, which means we are 100% owned and controlled by our employees. We are at the same time workers, directors, accountants, strategists, product managers, designers and developers, sometimes donning several of these hats simultaneously. We love this flexibility and the positive, open relationships we get to build with our clients. Most of all we value the autonomy and decision-making power we have over our work lives, getting to shape them according to our own vision and values.




Guys and St Thomas' Charity
Shift Design
Action for Children
Wales Co-operative Centre
Founders and Coders
Your Sanctuary
AVA Project
Law Centres Network
Lancashire Women's Centres
Friend Indeed
Read with Audrey
Anna Freud Centre
Blue Cross